(Me, trying out the HoloLens in my second week!)

I spent Summer 2016 interning at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington as an Explorer Intern. I worked as an Explorer Intern on the Enterprise and Security Team in Windows and Devices Group. I worked with two other interns on a internal tool that would automatically analyze customer service issues for security bugs in the Edge Issue Tracker. My role on the team was to attempt to recreate different issues using a variety of detonation techniques. I coded the project in C#, using .NET APIs and a SQL backend. The project was successfully completed, and is currently in use in the team’s workflow.

As an Explorer intern, I was able to rotate through Product Manager (PM) and Software Engineering (Dev) roles on this project. I spent 4 weeks as a PM and 8 as a dev. Being able to see both roles in one summer was truly a treat. During my time at Microsoft, I was also able to talk to a wide range of full time employees, from an executive in Azure to a UX designer to full time PMs.

I was also fortunate enough to work on a great team, who encouraged me daily to test the boundaries of what I was capable of. I was especially lucky to be mentored by Yulia Dubinina, a kick-ass engineer- watch out world, she’s going to rule it someday. I came into the summer unsure of my career path, and left knowing I wanted to pursue a career in tech.

Overall, Seattle was a great time. Outside of work hours, I was able to:

  • Hike Mt. Rainier
  • Participate in the legendary Intern Game
  • Visit Olympic National Park
  • Travel to Alaska (Denali, Kenai Fjords, and the Alaskan Marine Highway!)
  • Hike. A lot.
  • Eat delicious, tasty, marvelous food
  • Make tons of awesome friends

If you’re even remotely considering a career in tech, I highly encourage applying to Microsoft! It was an awesome summer.

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