Systems Engineering Initiative for Patient Safety

An example of the type of EHR many primary care teams use

In Septemer 2017, I started working for the Systems Engineering Intitiative for Patient Safety at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Medical School as a product designer. I worked on a team of industrial engineers, doctors, and researchers. I also worked with Mica Endsley, a consultant who previously served as Chief Scientist of the Air Force under Obama.

The goal of the project is to create a electronic health record that better supports the work of primary care teams. The first two years of the project were spent observing and interviewing doctors and nurses in primary care clinics. I joined on year 3 of the project to help synthesize the years of research into an EHR prototype.

Due to the federal grant received by the project, I am unable to show specific write-ups or outlines of my work besides what is displayed here until the completion of the project in the fall of 2019. However, I can write about the different projects I worked on.

  • Internal Design System: I worked with a group of 3 other designers to create a reusable design system that would be accessible, reusable, and visually appealing. This would allow us to have a shared library that would make page design more cohesive. We underwent rigorous testing to ensure all elements of our design would be accessible by anyone who used them.
  • Information Flow Design: I worked with the PI of our group, Dr. Tosha Wetterneck, on determining information flow and higher level page design. A complicated system like an electronic health record has many different elements. I spent a lot of time reviewing the research conducted in the study to best determine how information should flow between screens, and what information should be on what screen.
  • EHR Navigation: I worked extensively on navigation within the EHR, particularly on the side bar. The sidebar is the element the doctor uses to navigate between their schedule and tasks they might need to accomplish throughout the day (such as filling orders and finishing charts).
  • Various Page Designs: I worked on a team of seven people, meaning my work tended to vary week to week. I also worked on wireframes of several pages, and contributed to collaborative design critique sessions every week.